[Histonet] Colocalization of different fluorophores

From:Gayle Callis

I presented this question to Molecular Probes Technical services:

What kind of co-localization color do we expect to see with antibody
staining using Alexa 350 and FITC or Alexa 488, or Alexa 350 and rhodamine
(either TRITC or RRX) or Alexa 555?

We know that colocalization of FITC or Alexa 488 with Alexa 555 or
Rhodamine is yellow -

Their answer was inconclusive:

"Thank you for contacting Molecular Probes Technical Assistance. We have 
not determine the color of the fluorescence from multiple dyes 
co-localizing. I would guess that the Alexa Fluor 350 and Alexa Fluor 488 
would give a teal color and the Alexa Fluor 350 and Rhodamine would give a 
purplish color. "

If anyone has done this, I would appreciate the "non-guess" response.

Gayle Callis
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