[Histonet] Bone decalcification


  I didn't realize any of the drama about my questioning the proper
procedure on decaling bone raised some drama. I work for the Navy hospital,
and we do not receive bone that often. I have been here for 6 years and have
had 7 pathologists and they have always sawed a section and placed it in
decal. I figured that was the way it was done plus that is how I was taught
at school. Obviously this is the wrong way of doing it and I want to thank
those who told me how it is done properly. As far as everybody who made
comments, no biggie. I work for the navy so when it comes to comments, I let
it roll right off of me. I am here to do my job and learn and that is why I
love this web site, because truthfully, no question is stupid. I have gotten
a lot of answers to my questions on this website. Thank you again everybody
for your responses.


Heather A. Harper

Naval Hospital of Florida

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