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From:Gayle Callis

Appendix works very well, but a veterinary laboratory situation, getting 
appendix may be difficult.  For vet diagnostic work, we used a section of 
bowel or try small intestine, do not rinse it excessively before fixation 
in NBF.  Cow, dog, pig, sheep, any animal should work - I would go for the=20
species that is easiest to section.

There are several ways to make controls from pure cultures too and you can=20
have your microbiology people help with this.    I think Histonet archives=20
has some of these  methods, then you guarantee Gram pos and negative being=20
there, and do a large number of blocks at one time.

At 09:42 AM 4/26/2006, you wrote:
>   I used for years sections from cases of acute appendicities. They 
> contain a host of both Gram + and - bacteria.
>   I hope this will help you!
>   René J.

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