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That document was based on the Canadian Workload Data Recording system, a 
program of the Canadian Federal Ministry of Health.  It is used in every 
publicly funded hospital laboratory in Canada for monthly workload reporting 
and is kept up to date.  Contact a Canadian hospital laboratory and I'm sure 
you could get a copy of the latest incarnation.

Bryan Llewellyn

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> Luis--
>  There used to be a standard for time established by The College of 
> American Pathologist. We used it years ago to work out productivity and 
> called it CAP Accounting.  It allowed so many minutes for an H&E, so many 
> for a blank, each special had an allottment, etc.  I don't have a copy but 
> maybe one of the other members remembers and can dig up an archive?
>  It was accurate to a degree and a helpful baseline.
>  Cheryl
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