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From:"Chris Pomajzl"

I agree with this assessment. Healthy constructive criticism is how change
is made... for the better. I welcome constructive comments that are well
thought out and presented in a polite, professional manner. However, most
people would rather complain than take the time and effort to provide an
alternative solution.

What I am referring to is the constant whining, bitching, "so and so said
this" or "so and so did that" hen house cackling that goes on day after day.
It seems as though a lot people cannot function without this soap opera
drama. The point I am trying to make is that the focus appears to have
gotten away from the patient and is more on the "what are you doing for me"
from the histotechs.

And yes... hospitals and lab directors are lining their pockets. They went
to school and have the education that put them in that position. That is
what they are getting paid to do. And you are getting paid too. If you don't
think you are getting paid enough, then present the facts to your supervisor
and ask for a raise. If you work hard, don't complain, and do a good job,
you will most likely be rewarded for your efforts. On the other hand, if you
are the proverbial thorn, don't expect much. This is Business 101. Nobody is
going to look out for you but you. Just be professional.


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I apologize, my wrist caught one of the computer buttons before I

It is not unusual for people to vent their feeling regarding their job.
A study several years ago concluded that people that complain are at
least interested in their job. Apathy on the other hand gets us nowhere
(as seen with our political system and lack of votes).
Venting is I believe a healthy thing and prevents internal pressure
building up, providing that there is a limit to venting.
I think that it is difficult not to be frustrated when we see the
valuable contribution that the profession makes and yet often sees
little reward.
We are all expected to do more work in the same time and many times the
service/hospital etc. may benefit financially but this does not seem to
trickle down to the professionals that are actually doping the work.
Please do not think that this is unique to this profession. Just look at
higher education where the student faculty ratio has been increasing for
several year.
I believe that we should channel this love of the profession into
something positive. If we want to have better recognition, better pay
and conditions it is up to us. We need to inform the general public,
legislators etc. about what we do and its value to the communities we
So the bottom line is get it off your chest - you will feel a lot better
but also get off your butt and write your comments to the above groups.
Above all be have constructive suggestions. No good complaining unless
you have constructive comments on how to improve the situation.

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I second it...


>>> "King, Curtis - RAS"  4/5/2006 7:54 AM >>>
Well said Chris.


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...that Histology finds itself in this current state of anger, lethargy,
apathy. From the content posted over the last several weeks, it seems
that a
lot of people are very hypersensitive and hypercritical.

I personally don't understand all of the hostility. I for one am very
thankful for this profession and my position. We perform a very critical
aspect of anatomic pathology, and I have learned a tremendous wealth of
information since I have moved to the clinical world. I am very grateful

I can certainly get the fact that a lot of histotechs feel
but let's be realistic. Most people do not know what histology is, and
do not know what we do. They do not know what to appreciate. Why can't
take personal satisfaction in hard work and a job well done?

And not to mention, this is a job, it is a profession. This is not about
it's not about you. It's about the patient! We have a responsibility to
every specimen that comes through the door. And I treat every specimen
as if
it belongs to my wife, or my son, or a friend or family member. If you
your job well, without complaint, the accolades will come. Your
will take notice, and you can be rewarded for that. I am so tired of the
drama and the in-fighting within the histology community. Be thankful
you have a job. Be thankful that you have a job that pays fairly well.
for most, it did not even require a college degree. It was not long ago
I was making $7 an hour woking in veterinary medicine. I have come a
way since then, and I owe it to Histology. You make the choice to be
so why be miserable? I feel sorry for you.

I just wish that people would stop complaining, stop being a part of the
problem, and start being a part of the solution. Every day I have people
come to me with a complaint. The first thing I ask them is what they
we do about it. Invariably, they had not even considered how to improve
situation. Every one of us has a stake in this profession, and it will
continue to spiral out of control until we change our mindset and adopt
new pardigm.

Rant over. Thanks. I love you all.
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