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From:"Richard Cartun"

We use frozen tonsil (readily available) as our positive control for
immunofluorescence studies performed on kidney and skin.  It will label
for IgG, IgA, IgM, C3, kappa, lambda, and fibrinogen.


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>>> "Chris Pomajzl"  04/13/06 10:22AM >>>
Revisiting this CAP question regarding appropriate controls for IF:

I understand this question to read that internal controls can be used
on renal bx's, but what about skin bx's? In speaking with one of our
dermatopathologists, he has asked some colleagues, and they claim that a
positive tissue control needs to be run for each antibody tested. Is
this correct? And if so, how does one acquire positive tissue other than
from a positive case? If we do not have any positive controls at the
moment, how can we do IF's and be of positive/negative fluorescence?

I am concerned because we have not been running positive controls for
several years now. I know that this is a Phase II NEW question from CAP,
so I want to make sure that we address the issue properly.

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