Re: [Histonet] ANP.28860

From:Rene J Buesa

  Just to clarify: microwave-transparent does not mean "clear plastic", it means that the plastic does not absorb microwaves (MW) and, therefore, is considered as "transparent".
  Distilled water lets MW to travel only 3.4 cm in it, but those same MW can travel 400 meters in Styrofoam. Water, that is a transparent liquid, is almost 12 thousand times less "MW transparent" than Styrofoan, in spite of being an opaque material.
  You can have a black plastic container that is more "MW transparent" than water.
  That is what the CAP question is all about: Are you using "MW transparent" containers, i.e. Are you sure than the container is not interfering with the MW?
  Hope this will clarify your question.
  René J.

Barb Richmond  wrote:
New CAP question: Are all containers used in the micorwave devices made from microwave-transparent material. I'm having trouble finding transparent plastic coplin jars. We have pyrex, but they break in the microwave. Any suggestions where we can purchase transparent plastic coplin jars??

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