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It's even in the dictionary:

go postal
Slang To become extremely angry or deranged, especially in an outburst
of violence

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Unfortunately, "postal" has fallen into the English Language to define
just that - just like KleenexTM means any tissue, CrayolaTM  is a
catch-all phrase for any crayon, etc, etc.  Just don't take it out on my
good friend, Steve Postl.

Jackie O'

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Perhaps I am off-base with this comment, but I prefer the term "postal" 
being used when referencing work rage and work violence. One of my best
friends was an employee of the U.S. Postal Service. She was shot and
killed by a customer of her branch in 1998.

If my memory serves me correctly, work violence is no longer primarily
found in U.S. Postal Service facilities. 

Diana, my post is not meant as a flaming message to you. Thanks for your
informative comments.

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