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I'm not familiar with Mount-Quick, but years ago I used to occasionally lift
sections from slides, using a product called Pro-Texx. Here's the protocol I

Remove coverslip from slide by immersion in xylene.
One hour additional time in xylene, to ensure removal of mounting medium.
While slide is damp with xylene, place a drop of Permount on any section
that is to remain on the slide, and a drop of Pro-Texx on the section that
is to be lifted, being careful the two media do not mix.  Do not spread the
media thin.  You want a thick layer.
Allow to dry thoroughly, using gentle heat (low setting of a slide warmer).
Alternatively they can dry overnight at room temperature.
Immerse slide in distilled water until the Pro-Texx loosens from the slide
(the Permount will not).
With forceps, peel the layer of Pro-Texx, containing the tissue section, off
the slide.

I did this many years ago and we did not have charged slides at that time,
so I would place the Pro-Texx film, tissue side down, onto a slide smeared
with a thin layer of albumen, lay it flat on the same warm surface, cover it
with a small piece of polyethylene film, and place a flat weight on top of
it to ensure good contact between tissue and slide until dry.  
Remove Pro-Texx by immersion in xylene.

Presumably using charged slides might facilitate this final step. If the
process you are doing is similar to this, then obviously you would want the
solvent-based medium.

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> I have been reading about a procedure for transferring small fragments
> of tissue from stained slides to charged slides for IHC.  The procedure
> calls for Mount-Quick mounting medium.  I have found this on the web,
> but don't know whether the procedure replies to the aqueous based or
> solvent based product.
> 1.	Have people used a transfer procedure like this effectively?
> 2.	Which Mount-Quick is used?
> 3.	Would anyone like to share a their protocol?
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