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P.S.  I just recalled another method that gave me good results with
synthetics, which I still use occasionally, namely PVA (polyvinyl acetate)
in the water bath, followed by drying as described in my previous post.  PVA
makes the water bath milky white, which makes it more difficult to see the
sections floating on it - which is why I prefer the chrome alum gelatin -
but it is an excellent adhesive for difficult materials.  It can be
purchased in the form of "Elmer's Glue-All" or "Sobo Glue" or various other
brands.  Not all "white glues" are PVA however, so read the product label.
Some people also use the tan-colored "carpenter's wood glue" which is
available in hardware stores.  I haven't used this myself, and am not sure
of the chemical makeup of the product.

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> Just wondering if anyone has any ideas to keep ePTFE (I will ask
> researcher what this stands for)
> graft tissue from porcine from coming off of slides during antigen
> retrieval.  Actually, it is
> starting to come off even after deparaffinization.  I told the researcher
> this is our last hope
> that someone on the Histonet might have an idea.  Here is a summary of
> what I have tried.  I used
> silanized slides (from Dako) with an overnight bake at 57C for tissue
> adherance plus an additional
> 10 minute 10% NBF soak to fix the tissue firmly on the slide after
> deparaffinization and before
> antigen retrieval.  I have used low temperature antigen retrieval (LTAR)
> in the past for delicate
> tissue, but if the tissue comes off after deparaffinization what is the
> point.  Is there something
> else out there that I can try?  Thanks for any and all help.
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