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Karen you are correct that you take a test (E1-E6) but you are given more
points toward that test if you have a better evaluation. They did away with
time in rate long ago. The test I would be taking is a general medical test
and shipboard stuff. You are not tested on your job, believe me. When you go
up for E7 you are up on a board for selection. Anyway I have been doing this
for 14 years and it is time to move on. Cookies anyone! :)

I think that we are going way off topic for Histonet..... Next.

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While I was in the Navy from 1985-1989 we made rank by passing tests and
time in service not by doing community service for example bake sales.  I
never heard of such a thing. It was strictly on your ability to know your
job.   The Armed Services are now  understaffed and underpaid.  It is not
easy being away from friends and family do what these people do.   If it was
not for them volunteering to go in to the Armed Services we would not be
able to have a discussion like this on the internet.  
A proud Navy Veteran

Karen Heckford HT (ASCP) 

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