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I work in this environment everyday. I see both sides (military and
civilian) taking shots at each other instead of working as a team. I am soon
leaving the service and you could not pay me enough money to supervise or
work in a military facility. I understand Heather and her frustration of
being left to do the job BUT the military requires its members to do things
outside of the job to get promoted. That is a fact. I am living it. I see
people in my own field get promoted because they did some BS bake sale but
they can't even do a GMS. You can either find a way to work it out or find a
new job. As for the military Pathologist....well they are in charge. They
like that. Everything will change again when the next one transfers in. That
is part of being in a military facility. I have seen it for years. The best
thing to do is go with the flow or just go. I am going. Good luck. 

Douglas D. Deltour HT(ASCP)

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Sounds like you both work hard...I have been on both sides of the
fence...keep up the good work...she needs all the support you can give her
civilian or military!
Just my two cents...


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I am thankful and grateful for anyone who ever signed up for military 
service - ever - regardless of their job description. 
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I want to thank everybody who responded to my message titled..Need Input. 
work for the DOD and I miss simply having a system in place. I agree one 
to be flexible, but when you work with military, they are entitled to 1 hr
lunch and 1 hour of PT. My tech works 7-4 and I work 6-2. I embed, she 
and stains, I gross, accession, order supplies, admit bodies in and out of
the morgue, set up for autopsies, frozens, and when my tech has to get
pulled to do her other command duties, it leaves me holding the bag.  It
does get over whelming, and every 2-3 yrs, I get new pathologists rotating
through. I have worked with 7 pathologists in 6 yrs, and reservists, and
this one I just do not know what to think. Just keeping an open mind. 
again everybody. Be thankful you are in the civilian world.




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