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Both terms are derived from Immunochemistry - the chemistry of
immunological phenomena.

Immunocytochemistry has to do with the study of cell components by
immunological methods often antibodies.

Immunohistochemistry is much broader and is the microscopic localization
of specific antigens in tissues usually by the use of antibodies.
While these are the usual definitions, we also usually include other
reactions such as lectin binding.

In some instances the terms overlap in their usage.

Both are often applied when immunochemistry is used on cells in culture,
smears, on tissue sections and on blocks of tissue etc.


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I believe the difference between the two terms is:
Immunocytochemistry pertains to cultured cells (and possibly 
suspensions?), while immunohistochemistry pertains to sectioned tissue. 
(If I'm wrong, I'd appreciate someone setting me straight, too!)

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Phil McArdle

Carl Hobbs wrote:
> Interesting that you use the phrase "immunohistochemistry" , when the
> you recommend uses "immunocytochemistry". I'd be grateful for
> of terms, Gail.
> Best wishes,
> Carl
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