RE: [Histonet] Anyone catch "House" the other night?

From:Shirley Powell

Turn off the TV get in the Jacuzzi, have a glass of wine and relax.  
Work is work, TV is TV and they get paid a lot more than we do for doing
histology wrong.  Go figure.

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My husband turned to me as said "I thought you said doing immunos was a
complicted thing."  

>>> "Jones, Laura"  4/13/2006 12:27 PM >>>

Dr. House and his colleagues were doing immuno on Tuesday night!  Procedure:

Take large chunk of heart tissue which has not been frozen or in fixative,
but in a petri dish in the fridge, and flop it on to your microscope slide.
Put the slide with the  large chunk of tissue on it under the scope.  Add
"one microlitre of immunoperoxidase" to the tissue.  Look into scope.  If it
turns red, it's positive.  

I wish our immuno were that easy and quick.  Get a Histo consultant on
staff, please!  :o)

P.S. And how about those doctors who do biopsies, ultrasounds, draw blood,
and then test it all?  In evening gowns and tuxes?

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