[Histonet] re: Some details about my questions on mouse olfactory

From:"Carl Hobbs"

Just to confirm: do you get the same "endog. pattern" when using DAB-based
immunolocalisation? If not, and they are normal tissues, one should not get
those "unspecific dots", UNLESS they are due to aggregates of the
fluorochrome-labelled secondary reagent.
A pic would be good.
 Try posting here http://www.immunoportal.com/index.php  as well?
Also, are you using free-floating sections?
Depending on the requirements, I will take a perfused-fixed brain and and
cut it parasaggitally.Then further fix, as you do. However, if I'm
interested in the OB only, I'll cut them off after disection and fix
separately. Given that your procedure is as you state, I can't see a problem
with "inadequate " fixation.

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