[Histonet] re-freezing frozen sections



I have tissues(monkey brain) that were fixed(4%Paraformaldehyde),
cryprotected(20% sucrose), and flash froze(-70C isopentane).  Unfortunately,
mothernature(hurricane katrina) came threw and destroyed everything.  This
tissues sat for 3-4 months at blistering temps in the same position(melted OCT)
& some even had a surprise for me(fungus).  When the University let us come back
into our building, I rinsed off OCT and put the tissues in 10%NBF at room temp. 
The tissue was immersed for 3-4months in fixative.  I rinsed the tissue and once
again, flash froze one of the sections, and they cut horribly.  I don't know
what to do.  I am now tempting to paraffin process. I prefer to do frozens
because its easier to get almost every section of tissue(one sections I usually
get 500-700 slides).  As most of you know, brain likes to explode in water, so I
can do a better job if they are frozen.

Any help, I would appreciate!


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