[Histonet] liver damage detection

From:Caroline Bass

Dear Histonetters,

I am working on an experimental model of viral liver damage.  Does  
anyone have suggestions as to how I should best proceed in  
establishing the type or extent of damage caused?  I don't expect  
damage to the extent that the mice die or even show any overt signs  
of illness.  There is no noticeable gross change in the liver.

Ideally I would like to establish a biochemical marker of damage such  
as serum ALT as well as a morphological analysis.  I figure an H&E  
stain would be enough.  I would like to use NBF fixed tissue.  Are  
there any suggestions as to the thickness of the liver sections?  I  
can reliably section 30 um, anything thinner would require special  

Any suggestions for a kit to measure ALT?  A colleague suggested that  
I submit the samples to the hospital's diagnostic lab, but would they  
be able to detect mouse ALT?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I have never worked with liver  
damage, so I really don't know what to do here.

Thanks in advance,


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