[Histonet] Sizes of cardiomyocytes

From:John Kiernan

Dear Patsy,

Cardiac muscle fibres contain many nuclei and are
branched, with partitions at the intercalated
discs. Are your investigator's "cardiomyocytes"
syncytia in the heart or objects in tissue
culture? Does "size" mean area of a cultured cell,
diameter of a sectioned fibre, or volume of a
syncytial unit?

You should tell the investigator to grow up, go to
the library and then formulate a methodological
question after reading at least 50 papers in the
field. Feel free to pass on this advice.

John Kiernan
Anatomy, UWO
London, Canada.
Patsy ruegg wrote:
> We want to measure the size of cardio myocytes.  The investigator heard
> tell of a "Silver" stain used for this but he doesn't know what silver
> stain. What is recommended?  This will be done using a computerized
> image analysis system. Thanks in advance, Patsy
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