[Histonet] PE Tumor tissue; Transwell embedding

From:"Makhijani, Nalini S"

Hi Histonetters,

I have 2 questions:


1. Does anyone have an opinion on the correct disposal method for
paraffin embedded tumor tissue?


2.  Does anyone have experience with paraffin embedding, sectioning and
H&E staining of Transwell membrane inserts, either Corning Costar, or

I've been following the protocol from the Corning website, using
Citrisolv from Fisher instead of Histoclear.

The sections of the membranes are thin lines about 3mm long.

After about 2 min in Citrisolv the sections look so clear that it's not
clear if they are on or not.  If  they are, they are usually lost in the
first absolute alcohol.  After staining, nothing is visible.  Do these
membranes, without cells, stain or remain transparent?

Are 3mm sections too small to remain on Superfrost Plus slides?  Should
the slides be subbed?  Does anyone else have a problem getting
transwells and cells to stick to the slides?




VAMC, West Los Angeles


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