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Hi Chris and all the Histofolk--
  There is a huge article in Inc. Magazine this month regarding corporate culture and how it forms in direct response to the managers and directors of a facility....Chris's response below is an EXACT reflection on the culture found in his lab, and the company around him.  I have a new-to traveling temp tech helping in his facility while he hires to accomodate growth. She calls me every THREE DAYS to tell me how GREAT it is to be there and how happy, helpful and FUN the people are even with the large work volume.
  Like Chris, I imagine every single piece of tissue to be from my Grandpa or my child--the patient is likely one of those things to someone.  We have amazing skill, we help make a difference for every single patient, we are paid to do complex tasks and yes, wash dishes!!  Wouldn't we all like to walk IN to work with a smile?
  The most germaine point?  It IS a choice. Make it daily.  

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