Re: [Histonet] Universal (protein) block for IHC

From:Kelly D Mcqueeney

Hi Teri,
I noticed a decrease in specific staining when I plugged it into my 
protocol. I made it myself and it was a big pain. Buy it! Try increasing 
antibody concentration on a few slides and see what happens. I never use 
a block with my secondary.

Good luck!

Johnson, Teri wrote:

>Has anybody converted to using a universal protein block (casein) for
>their immunohistochemistry protocols rather than using species specific
>normal sera?  For those who have made the conversion, did you have to
>make any changes to your methodology or did you just plug it in to your
>protocol and run?  Did you notice any difference in the staining
>intensity for known antibodies (stronger, weaker, no change)?  Are you
>also using it as a secondary antibody diluent or for washes?  Finally,
>are you using commercially available reagent or are you making your own?
>Thanks so much!
>Teri Johnson
>Managing Director Histology Facility
>Stowers Institute for Medical Research
>1000 E. 50th St.
>Kansas City, Missouri  64110
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