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Joe,  Once you finish your OJT requirements, take the certification exam
and become a PA you will see that the OJT vs Program trained debate is
alive and well within the PA ranks.  I think many people within the AAPA
and also on histonet fail to realize that OJT stands for On The Job
TRAINING.  It is simply another tool to teach a profession.  The problem
is that where NAACLS approved programs are all very similar in the
content and level of instruction, OJT programs are not regulated and can
differ greatly.  This is where certification helps to level the playing
field.  Everyone, program trained or OJT must be able to prove a certain
knowledge base.  Even in a very hands on profession as Histology the
required knowledge base of twenty years ago is hardly adequate today.
For the PA exam- Study, study and re-study your Robbins.  The knowledge
base is vast and all areas are covered in the exam.  I have heard people
complain that they are not good test takers.  Well, in my experience,
most people that fail tests just aren't prepared.  Degrees are great and
proper OJT is invaluable but even pathologists have to follow their med
school and residency with a very tough board exam.  I don't think I want
a pathologist, that failed his boards, reading my slide with the excuse:
"I'm a good pathologist but I failed my boards because I'm not a good
test taker."
I know you and your experience level Joe.  Trust me; you will make a
fine and professional (even if a bit vocal) PA.  Just remember,


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 this may be a little out range, but I'm trying to become a
Assistant doing the OJT route. Does that make me any less professional
someone who completes an accredited program?

Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX
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Ok, someone right out of medical school has the M.D. after their name.
Now would you let them remove your gallbladder without assistance before
they do their (OJT)residency in surgery.  Sure the degree is about the
knowledge and theory but the OJT is about the practice.  I for one think
that a true professional has an ample helping of both.

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He has an M.D. behind his name.

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What do you think a doctor's residency is?

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You wouldn't go to see an OJT Doctors or nurses would you?

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Bravo Ian: The problem here in the US is that there are thousands upon
thousands of people working in histology labs that are not registered
and don't have the theory behind histology and probably never will, and
that is just the way some institutions and organizations want to keep
it. That is not to say that some of these people are not dedicated to
their jobs but if your in the field why not get the registry. Larry

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