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  Our lab is separate from the Surgical Pathology lab and is manned by two techs (an MT and an HT) that only do IHC and ISH.  Periodically we've had the Surg. Path. techs rotate through to be able to back us up as the need arises but this hasn't been happening of late due to staff shortages.  At the very least, we are able to have the Surg. Path. techs cut our slides as needed.

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	What policy do most labs have about letting their techs do  immunos?   Are
	all the techs trained to do them, or are only the  registered techs trained to
	do them, or do only a limited number of techs  do them?   Our program is fairly
	new, and there is a discussion among  the pathologists and administration and
	techs about what is the best  policy.   I'd like to hear from other labs
	about their  procedures.
	Thanks in advance.
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