RE: [Histonet] Temp/Humidity Records?

From:"Charles, Roger"

We went thru this same ordeal a few years ago during our AAVLD
I also had the same comments regarding the closed conditions of
automated IHC and how room temp and humidity would have little or any
affect on IHC.  The inspector explained the requirement is justified
when troubleshooting any testing that has somehow been transformed over
time based on your control changes. The data would be used to rule out
the room conditions more then to blame the room conditions as the cause.
Our whole laboratory is now wired to monitor these conditions.  

Roger Charles
TSE and IHC Technician
Pa Veterinary Laboratory

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The comment for the records were regarding IHC and yet I find changes in
humidity and temperature have more effect on my sectioning and mounting
paraffin and plastic sections.  If you are doing automated IHC I don't
see how
this would matter.  If it is manual and you use a humidity chamber it
won't matter much.  I could only see this mattering to IHC if it is done
on the
bench in open air.  The changes I get seasons change throughout the day
as heat
or AC are added or changed.

Is this really a new requirement??

Pam Marcum

Quoting "Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"

> So you keep accurate records.
> What can you do with this information that is actually useful?
> Dr Terry L Marshall, B.A.(Law), M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.Path
>  Consultant Pathologist
>  Rotherham General Hospital
>  South Yorkshire
>  England
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> Subject: [Histonet] Temp/Humidity Records?
> During a recent inspection, the SOP and documentation for room
> temperature/humidity in the histo lab were noted as being absent.
> Although I document instrument temperatures, I have not kept records
> room temp/humidity. It was noted that these factors may affect IHC
> staining quality.  If I am to begin documenting these parameters, I'd
> like to know if there are any guidelines in a general sense (or a
> specific one) relating to the variances and requirements.  Any help
> would be appreciated!
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