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We use a different type of tissue transfer using a substance called quick
mount.  It's a great help because we can  cut the tissue from one slide and
transfer it to numerous other slides for IHC and we get great results.  My
pathologist, Dr. Rodney T. Miller, has written a protocol for this technique
at .  If you have any
questions you can e-mail me at


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I had problems with a 'matrix' looking  background and Bernice said they
were working on  a special mounting media. I know she checks the histonet
so hopefully she will answer here.


I am doing hrp IHC on tape transfer sections and I am experiencing a
with unwanted staining on the coating on the polymer coated slides.  Does
=0Aanyone else out there do IHC on the tape sections experience this problem?
Please suggest a solution to this.
Thank you,
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