RE: [Histonet] Is TUNEL as waste of time?

From:"Patsy Ruegg"

In my experience, with what we were doing Tunnel was not helpful at all.  We
could not distinguish apoptosis from necrosis.  We had a lot of necrosis so
this was useless to us.  Cleaved Caspase 3 in my hands seemed only to label
the cells undergoing apoptosis.  CC3 is cheaper and more consistently
reliable in my experience.  Note:  I had been paying over $600. for a very
small amount of the CC3 antibody from Cell Signaling but just recently tried
the same clone from BioCare and found it to be just as good at about 1/4 the

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What about apoptotic CK-18 antibody? It is supposed to be more sensitive 
than TUNEL. You can use it with Ki-67 antobody.
Good luck,

Satoshi Akima wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am looking into the Roche TUNEL kit and have been getting various 
> opinions. Some say it is easy and reviewers will ask for a TUNEL stain 
> in preference to other methods such as staining for caspase-3. However 
> many people find that they get non-specific staining and even where 
> things seem to have gone well you get a great many cells that seem 
> absolutely healthy staining up positive.
> Do people think that TUNEL is a sham technique that ivory tower 
> reviewers who never get their hands dirty in the lab ask for, never 
> realising how hopeless the technique is? Or is it still a genuinely 
> useful tool?
> Toshi Akima
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> Centre for Transplantation and Renal Research
> Westmead Millenium Institute
> Sydney, Australia
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