RE: [Histonet] How to eliminate AFB contamination on slides?

From:"Bonner, Janet"

 We discovered that using the type of control slide that has the control in
a box at the top so we could put the patient section on the bottom of the
same slide led to contamination, organisms coming off of the control!! When
we stopped doing the above, the contamination stopped.  
  Another suggestion would be to filter your stain before each use.

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Subject: [Histonet] How to eliminate AFB contamination on slides?

We are having problems with the AFB stain. Almost everything we do AFB
stains on has extracellular "AFB positive organisms" without an
tissue response. Do we need to change our stain or use better grade
Anybody who has any ideas or suggestions or has had this problem in the
past, let me know what you did to correct the problem. Thank you to all


Heather A. Harper

Supervisor of Histology/Morgue

Naval Hospital of Pensacola, FL

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