[Histonet] Smoothelin Antibody from Abcam

From:Melanie Black

Hi There

Perhaps somebody could help me with my problem??

I am trying to differentiate Myofibroblasts from Smooth Muscle cells. 
SMC's will obviously stain positive with Actin,Desmin, myosin and 
Vimentin. I want to do a Smoothelin stain, for which Myofibroblasts 
are negative and thereby assume that I have identified Myo's.

I am using Abcam's Anti- Smoothelin, and using placenta and tonsil 
controls trying to optimize this Ab. However....it is staining 
TROPHOBLASTS and NOT Smooth Muscle Cells at all!!!!! I am getting 
stunning Specific staining of the entire placental Trophoblasts, and 
nothing on contrcatile vessels/arteries.

Has anybody used this antibody at all????? AB 8969 Anti- Smoothelin.

I would appreciate any adivice.
Many Thanks
Melanie Black

PS: I have referred this onto Abcam Technical Support and am waiting 
for a reply.
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