[Histonet] Re: Good procedure for Cat Scratch Fever


Hi, Karen!
I looking this procedure already much years. For determination of the
Chlamydia I use parallel stains Gram, PAS, AFB for FFPE sections of
lymph nodes. This organisms are PAS-positive, gramnegative, not
stainable carbol-fuchsine. I don't have possibles making ISH and IHC
techniques. This organisms are seen into macrophages and endothelial
cells as PAS-positive granules of varuios sizes. And me helped specific
morphologic picture and clinical data. And I use methods
Warthin-Staryy (AFIP modification, 1994).
Hope this help.

Maxim Peshkov, HTL.
Department of biopsy and cytological researches.
Pathological and anatomical bureau.
Russia, Taganrog

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