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From:Geoff McAuliffe

Hi Katy:

    You could buy a Vibratome, a device with a vibrating blade that will 
cut fixed or unfixed tissue at a thickness you select. I think there are 
several models and vendors.
    Or, you could make an inexpensive device for little more than pocket 
change. Buy some high-quality double-edge razor blades and some material 
to use for spacing the blades. For 1 mm or more use square aluminum rod, 
for 0.5 mm or less use "shim stock". A well-stocked hardware store or 
maching shop will have these items. Use "super-glue" to glue up a 
"blade-spacer-blade-spacer-blade ..." tool with as many blades as your 
project demands. One 'application' of the tool to the sample will give 
you uniform and reproducable slices.  Be sure to  cut off or mask the  
edge of the blade not in use so you won't cut yourself.


Katy Whalley wrote:

>We are looking for a device which can be used to cut tissue quickly into
>slices of an even thickness. We're not sure yet exactly how thick these
>will be but something in the range 30-300 microns is likely. My supervisor
>has in mind something in which several blades are attached to a holder
>that keeps them the correct distance apart, so that all the slices are cut
>at once. Has anyone ever used/ seen this kind of thing, or anything else
>which would do the job?
>Katy, UCL
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