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Sounds like a problem with your water bath temperature. Too many wrinkles
means your water bath is too cold and quick separation is an indication
that your water bath is too hot or you have a processing problem. We
generally use a 38 to 42 degree centigrade water bath temperature depending
on how quickly you can pick up your section. The rat cerebellum tends to
separate more quickly than the cerebrum which is why we block the tissue so
that the cerebellum is picked up first on the slide and the cerebrum can be
"dangled" in the waterbath a few seconds longer if needed.  Processing
plays a big part in how well your brain tissue sections, so you should try
picking up your sections at different temperatures to get a feel for what
works best with your tissue.

Marilyn Easton, B.A., HT/HTL (ASCP), LAT (AALAS)
Scientist, Pathology Dept., Safety Assessment

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I was wandering if any of you wonderful Histonet people who have much
experience cutting rat brains can offer some assistance in trying to cut
good quality sections. We either encounter lots of wrinkles or tissue
seperation from the paraffin sections once placed on the waterbath. Is
this a processing problem or do you think it is strictly a sectioning

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


David Clark

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