Re: [Histonet] cutting frozen rat turbs

From:Gareth Davis

I have been cutting frozen rat turbinates for a couple weeks.  I have not actually stained them yet, but plan to next week.  I was told by my PI to pick up the sections on charged slides and then allow them to dry overnight at room temp.  Then the next morning they are put in -80 freezer until ready to stain.  She has had luck with this method, but I have not actually tried to stain them, as I already said.  Anyway, maybe it the way you cryopreserved your tissue.  
I let you know how my stains go.
Gareth Davis
Research Assistant
Tennessee State University

Antonia Abeyta  wrote:
Has anyone out there cut frozen rat turbinates?? We are having trouble
keeping them on the slides. Any pointers?


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