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From:Gayle Callis

This is the only time we do not air dry frozen section.  Cut section and go
immediately to neutral buffered formalin, a minute or so fixation, rinse
with tap water. 

Richard Allan Hematoxylin 1 for 30 dips,
rinse in tap water (count to 30 or so)
Bluing solution until section visibly turns blue
rinse in tap water (count to 30 or so)
Dip in 70% alcohol 20 times
Eosin 10 to 20 dips (use amount of time you need for your favorite eosin
quality of staining)
95% X 2
100% X 2
Clearant X 2 

It all takes less than 10  minutes for staining.  We have used 95% ethanol
for fixation, flood slide or dip for 30 seconds, rinse and do same
staining, but our morphology is better with NBF. 

At 06:17 PM 4/26/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone have a protocol for H&E staining of frozen sections?  I am
>particularly interested in breast, but any tissue type would be useful.  The
>specimens were prepared in a cryomold using OCT.    
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