Re: [Histonet] Microwave Processing and Derm Shaves

From:"Steven E. Slap"

Hi HistoNetters

Derm shaves are excellent candidates for microwave processing.  In 
fact, several of the earliest adopters of the method over ten years 
ago were major dermpath labs.  The reputable manufactureres should be 
able to provide good references.  Most lab microwaves can process 
shaves as though they were conventional biopsies.  Skin punches 
process well, too, but require more time.

best regards,
Steven Slap
Microwave Consultant

At 2:33 PM +0000 4/16/04, kevin williams wrote:
>    Is anyone out there doing any processing on derm shaves with microwave
>    processing? How is it and how are the results?
>    Thanks.
>    A. Kevin Williams
>    Vermont Dermatopathology.

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