Re: [Histonet] BrdU invivo dosage

From:"Sylvia Poulos"

I used a dose of 30 mg/kg in newborn and weaning rats.  I did an IP
injection 1 hour before sacrificing the pups and got decent labelling
though you may want to consider allowing more time for incorporation in
older animals.  I did dilute in PBS (just make sure yours does not
contain sodium azide as a preservative.  If you need a reference it is: 

Poulos SP, Sisk M, Hausman DB, Azain MJ, Hausman GJ. Pre- and postnatal
dietary conjugated linoleic acid alters adipose development, body weight
gain and body composition in Sprague-Dawley rats. J Nutr. 2001
Good luck! Sylvia

Sylvia P. Poulos
USDA-ARS-Animal Physiology Research Unit
Athens, GA 30605
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