RE: [Histonet] Zinc formalin and 10% NBF

From:"Patsy Ruegg"

Wendy it would be ok to put the samples in 10%NBF after zinc formalin
fixation (for processing on the processor I assume?) but the best way to
store samples after they have been aldehyde fixed is in 70% alcohol, this is
more important for avoiding over fixation for IHC so if you are just doing
H&E on these samples it should not be of concern to you.

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Subject: [Histonet] Zinc formalin and 10% NBF

One of my coworkers fixed some samples in Zinc formalin and some in 10% NBF
but forgot to lable them.  So now we don't know which is Zinc formalin and
which is 10% NBF. The tissue are going to be stained by H&E. His question is
if it's ok to put all of them in 10% NBF now. I think it's fine. But I want
to hear you expert's opinion please.


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