RE: [Histonet] Muscle and Nerve biop. Methods

From:"María Teresa Domínguez"

   Yes, do it!

                   I would like to learn more about that, because since I
   left  the  Histotechnology  School,  I  have  never  seen that kind of
   biopsies again...

     This would be a great oportunity to update my knowledges.

   >From:   "George   Cole"      >To:  'María  Teresa
   Domínguez'    >Subject: RE: [Histonet] Oven temp
   and  time....  >Date:  Sat,  24  Apr 2004 20:04:03 -0700 > >Maria; >If
   muscle  and  nerve  biopsies are done at your hospital there in Tierra
   >Del  Fuego,  I  would like to send you one of the packets that I have
   been  >offering on the Histonet since last July. I've sent 118 of them
   out so >far--AT NO CHARGE to anybody---to 34 states and many countries
   over  >seas.  Its  85 minutes of video on a disc---meant to be used on
   computers  >fitted  with the ability to read Video CD's---and 21 pages
   of  procedures  >for  muscle  and  nerve  biopsy  methods that make it
   possible  to find much, >much more of the information hidden in muscle
   and  nerve biopsy tissues >than the standard procedures. All I need is
   your   complete  mailing  >address---our  Post  Office  here  is  very
   particular---and   I   will   get  it  >right  in  the  mail  to  you.
   >     >     >-----Original    Message-----    >From:
   >[] On Behalf Of María
   >Teresa  Domínguez  >Sent:  Saturday,  April  24,  2004  6:21  PM >To:; >
   >Subject:  RE: [Histonet] Oven temp and time.... > > > I usually leave
   my  slices in the oven for O.N. between 42ºC and >47ºC. > Mostly 42ºC.
   >  >  If  I'm  in a hurry I leave them for 30 min, or an hour at 58ºC.
   >I'm  >  afraid  of burn the tissues... > > HT. MARIA T. DOMINGUEZ > >
   ARGENTINA. > >From: Caroline Stott
             >         >To:         >  >Subject: RE: [Histonet] Oven >temp
   > and time.... >Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:00:52 +1200 > >37 >degrees >
   overnight.  Or  if  in  a  real  hurry,  60  degrees for >20minutes. >
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   >School  >  >University  of  Otago  >Dunedin  >(03)  479  7152 > > > >
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