RE: [Histonet] Linistainers and the odd aberant staining slide


Is the Linistainer the one with the bicycle chain on it?  If it is, try to leave at least one space between the clips and also check to make sure the containers are pushed all the way down.  Good luck,


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Subject: [Histonet] Linistainers and the odd aberant staining slide

   Dear All:

   I Have a Linistainer, I get nice staining, but evey now and then I get
   real bad staining on only one slide. Why? It is not the microtomy, the
   staining  is  bad all over the place, not patchy. The sections look as
   though  they  have  missed  the  haematoxylin. Has anyone had the same
   problem   and  any  intresting  insights,  something  to  placate  the

   Yours faithfully,

   A.Kevin Williams
   Vermont Dermatopathology

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