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I don't use the ARK kit at all.  A wide variety of animal tissues pass
through my lab and I have found either the DAKO LSAB2 (HRP + AEC)or
their Envision polymer (HRP-AEC or DAB) works great. I've never tried
the LSAB2 or Envision AP kits.  I've been tempted to try them. I also
like the serum-free blocker for the rabbit polyclonals I'm working with.
It kills the background staining fabulously.
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Subject: [Histonet] AEC+ with ARK kit
Just curious, has anyone used AEC+ with the DAKO ARK kit during
Have a researcher who really does NOT like DAB final color, period! We
playing with Chris van der Loos's AEC recipe (quite sensitive! very
to AEC+) and although this means tweaking antibody dilution, etc -  all
those good things needed for ARK'ing it seems to be working with our
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