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from what I figured from the literature, PGP9.5 is extensively used for study on epidermal-neuronal interations, which is what my study is essentially concentrated on. Some of the published papers suggest that PGP9.5 is more sensitive and stains all the nerve fibers (pan-neuromaker). As for neurofilament Ab, there are heavy and light chains that stain for different nerve fibers. However, I did see report using GAP-43 antibody for the same purpose as I mentioned above in epidermal-neuronal studies (not sure if it is sensitive enough to pick up the bare nerve endings in the epidermis though. As for my posting, PGP9.5 protocol works for me and it would ideal just find an antibody that works for chicken. 


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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 19:44:40 +0100
From: "Carl" 
Subject: [Histonet] re PGP9.5 antibody against chicken
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For my interest, why PGP9.5? If it's neurones and/or their processes, surely , 
for example the anti neurofilament, beta tubulin III and neuronal cell body( eg 
Hu C/D) Ab reagents are sufficient?

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