[Histonet] Zebra fish


Eric- as a  Zebra fish fan and having worked in Muscle labs, vet labs and research labs, I would try on some practice fish first, and would go for throwing the whole fish into a tissue cassette and processing em whole on a routine histology program. Are the skeletons significantly calcific? If not decal might not be necessary. I'd stay away from HCl decal solutions in any event.  I would also stain with a trichrome or PTAH stain instead of using an antibody, or even just H&E to visualise the muscle tissue. Freezing does by the way injure muscle tissue unless the fish were to be frozen in liquid N2 chilled isopentane. Maybe I'll try this on guppies and see how it goes-- I don't know your experience with routine histo procedures though, so excuse my assumptions. Questions? E-me. JPJC(QIHC)
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