[Histonet] Xylene contamination in alcohol


Lori-  the alcohol's job in the staining line is to remove xylene before going to water so the contamination here is expected. The alcohol's job in the processor however, is to remove water from tissue before xylene is introdced so the only  contamination of alcohol with xylene out of the processor will be in the "cleaning" alcohol, which "chases " xylene in the retort after processing is done.  If your alcohol is contaminated after recycling, your recycler's temperature controls should be adjusted, since recycling is based on the boiling point of different solvents as a means to separate them.  If your processor uses a rotary valve for fluid handling, this valve may be worn if the above conditions are not true and the contaminated alcohol is in the PRE Xylene portion of the processing schedule. Questions? E-me JPJC (QIHC)
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