[Histonet] Training programs in other countries (long)

From:Tom Wells

I am seeking information from those Histotechnologists that were trained in countries other than Canada or the US.  I want to know how Histotechnology is taught in those countries. 

In Canada, for example, Histotechnology is part of the general technology training that all laboratory technology students receive.

In the US, Histotechnology is a separate subject (I believe) and does not include Hematology, Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, etc. The training is separate from that of the rest of medical technology. I would welcome more information from you American trained techs as well.

How is Histotechnology training handled in other countries and what are the reasons for the particular setup?  History, Politics or Logic ;-)  

The reason that I am seeking this information is that there is a feeling in some camps that Histotechnology is somehow "less" of a subject than the other tradional Medical Laboratory subjects and as such should be relegated to a separate program much like laboratory aids are. This opinion is generally expressed by people who have no current experience in Anatomical Pathology and were largely trained before the advent of Immunohistochemistry and FISH, etc.  I need as much ammunition as possible to battle these people.  Any comments would be appreciated. Even those of you that may agree with the separation of Histotechnology philosophy.

Thanks for you help in this.
 Tom Wells
Histotechnology Instructor
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Burnaby, BC
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