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Dear Histonetters,

This is in response to the posting sent by Sara Yates regarding her problem
with slides being dropped by the Leica CV5030 Coverslipper.  After speaking
with Sara, I learned that the problem only occurs on slides that are
pre-labeled before staining.   We have found that if the label is exposed
to xylene during the staining or coverslipping process, the adhesive
material will cause the coverslipper gripper arm to stick to the sides of
the slide, fail in its attempt to place the slide in the output rack and
eventually allow the slide to fall.  To significantly reduce the problem,
the label must be perfectly centered so that no adhesive areas extend over
the edges of the slide, and the xylene levels must be lowered in the
staining and holding containers to prevent exposure of the labels to the
adhesive solvent.

If Sara had experienced problems with unlabeled slides being dropped, it
would probably indicate that the gripper arm needed to be optimized using
our new "teach-in" to insure that it recognized the size of the slide being
used.  Since manufacturers offer various sizes of slides, it's possible
that the factory settings might not be appropriate. This update can be
accomplished by any Leica Sales Representative or Field Service Engineer.

If any other individual is experiencing problems with a Leica product,
please call us at 1-800-248-0123 and ask for assistance from our Technical
Application Center (TAC).

Thank you for keeping us aware of issues as our main concern is customer

Carolyn Earley
Marketing Manager
Leica Microsystems

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