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Maybe a little off topic, but the following may assist you in your work!
Complimentary access to the


200,000 PRIMARY ANTIBODIES and Where to Get Them

                           The MSRS web site, www.antibodies-probes.com, 
offers an interactive searchable
database containing a listing of 200,000+ PRIMARY ANTIBODIES!!

We would like to give you a complimentary short term access in order that 
you can evaluate the database or  due a search as regards your present 

USER NAME:  tempor
USER ID:  msrs044abx

The access codes are case sensitive - use only lower case.

                         COMPLETE - Each primary antibody record contains 11 
fields including antibody, host,
antigen species, label, form, clone number, isotype, unit size,  product 
number, specifications and supplier  name. Each listing represents a 
mini-specifications sheet about the antibody and contains listings from 625+ 
manufacturers, laboratories and suppliers worldwide. The company index lists 
5600+ immunology, molecular biology and biotechnology companies worldwide.
                           Primary Antibody submissions are requested from 
companies as well as individuals/laboratories. Please inquire.

MSRS/Aerie Corporation
PO Box 1584
Birmingham, AL 35201
Tele: (800) 633-4931
Fax: (205) 995-1588
Subscriptions: msrs.antibodies@ebsco.com
Technical: weimer@antibodies-probes.com
Site: www.antibodies-probes.com


>From: "Stylli, Stanley" <Stanley.Stylli@mh.org.au>
>To: <histonet@lists.utsouthwestern.edu>
>Subject: [Histonet] antibodies for FFPE human tissue
>Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 08:24:18 +1000
>Can someone please recommend a source for the following antibodies that 
they have used successfully (with or without antigen retrieval) on human 
tissue (preferably brain)
>caspase 3
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