[Histonet] About Respiratory cytologies

From:"María Teresa Domínguez"

   Hi all!

               Today  I  received  a Bronchial washing specimen (3 ml) in
   the lab. We don't usually performe these kind of specimens.

   The  sample  was  collected  tree  days  ago in the Ushuaia's Hospital
   ,300km  away,and sent it to this Hospital (RíoGrande's Hospital), this
   morning without any fixative.

   Dam! I said... What should I do first?

   I  put  the  sample  in the cytocentrifuge chambers with Saccommanno's
   fixative, and let them  there for 10 min at 1500rpm.

   Now  my  quiestion  is  "What happen if I would fill the chambers with
   the  bronchial  washing  and Salt Solution equal parts? How come avoid
   the cellular distortion?

   The  result  was  not so bad. My boss saw the cells, but just a few of
   them.  I  don't know if it was the right amount ,or if it was just the
   very resistents cells.

   A comment it will be apreciated.
   Ht. Maria Teresa Dominguez

   Pathology Serv.

   Río Grande Reg. Hospital,

   Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

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