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From:Ian Montgomery

         For smaller animals I dissect the small intestine from stomach to 
rectum as one piece. Then cut lengths of the gut, with mesentery attached, 
and pin onto cork mats keeping the mesentery stretched. Fix in your 
fixative of choice. After an appropriate fixing time, remove from the cork 
mat and trim the mesentery away from the intestine. You'll now have sheets 
of fixed mesentery that you can stain as appropriate. For ease in handling 
I normally stain the entire sheet and cut into smaller pieces just before 
mounting. H&E staining time is just as normal but remember, there are large 
blood vessels and depending on animal quite a lot of fat in the tissue, so 
increase the dehydration time accordingly. In fact, I trim away the large 
vessels and fat during dehydration.
         If you want to study the blood vessels in TS then dissect out the 
mesentery, spread it out then roll up like a Swiss roll. Tie both ends and 
stretch lightly over a cork mat. Fix using your fixative of choice. A slot 
in the cork mat gives the fixative better access to the tissue. Dehydrate 
as one long piece then cut into block size pieces just before embedding. 
Cut and stain as normal.
         It can be a wee bit fiddly at first, but you'll soon master the 

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>I am looking for a protocol to stain and mount mesentery.
>In a past discussion I asked about mounting the tissue but I need
>  more details about the staining. I would like to do an H&E on the
>tissue then mount it on slides. These slides will be used in a
>course for first year medical students
>         Donna
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