Re: [Histonet] re mirowave Ag retrieval

From:"Steven E. Slap"

Hi HistoNetters

The Nordicware microwave pressure cooker is available at a deep 
discount from the Yahoo store:

Nordicware Tender Cooker/Microwave Pressure Cooker 62104

However, this device does not allow for temperature control.  Let the 
buyer beware...

best regards,
Steven Slap

At 8:36 PM +0100 4/1/04, Carl wrote:
>Well...I use a microwave pressure cooker! I understand that one can 
>buy this in USA Walmarts ( be interested to know the price of it in 
>the USA). I buy them in UK from Biogenex. Very reliable and 
>consistent.. Started on Coplins jars and , VERY rapidly moved to 
>rice staemers, pressure cookers...then microwave pressure cookers. I 
>look back in no anger.
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