Re: [Histonet] About H2O2 and CD Markers

From:"Diane G. Miller"

  Hi Jorge,

  Sorry for the delay in getting this to you.  Just two notes for your review.

  Sodium Azide used in TBS buffer, plus H202 for FS only.  This eliminated the air bubbles that can occur with Frozen Sections. 
    a.. Do not use methanol on frozen sections, it destroys the antigen sites and you will get a false negative. 
  Best Regards
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    From: Jorge Ivan Zapata Valencia 
    Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 5:08 PM
    Subject: [Histonet] About H2O2 and CD Markers

    Hello everybody.
    I have a simple question: do someone know the effect, if any, of the 
    different concentrations, and times, of H2O2 on the CD markers (Paraffin 
    and/or frozen sections)? I have read that some people use 0.01%, others 0.1% 
    and others 3% for different times, usually 10 or 30 minutes. What could 
    happen if I use a longer time?
    Thank You very much.


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