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Are you taking the HT or the HTL exam?

There are 2 web sites that you should visit for access to study material and
a list of reference books:

American Society for Clinical Pathology

National Society for Histotechnology

The NSH site has self examination booklets in 12 categories. Click on the
Ed. Materials for this list. 
Also they have a list of reference books. Click on Study Aids for this list.

Although I took the exam ages ago, I would recommend a thorough study of
special stains, what components stain what color, what the stain
demonstrates, etc. This is a tough exam and if you pass the first time, then
you should be highly commended. The exam covers so much information that you
need to thoroughly know all aspects of histotechnology.  

You are located at Eisenhower Army Medical Center aren't you? If I am
correct, then you have a great bunch of pathologist. When you do your
practical, have them to critique your slides. They will be of great help to
you. I have had the great pleasure of working directly with most of them
when they came to our facility to help us out. They are very good
pathologists and are a wonderful source of information. Talk with them and
see if one of them will mentor you while you study for the exam. If I can be
of help, please contact me directly.

Good Luck,

Diane C. Gladney, HT (ASCP)
Histology /Cytology Supervisor
Moncrief Army Community Hospital
P.O. BOX 484
4500 Stuart Ave.
FT. Jackson, SC 29207

(803) 751-2530
DSN 734-2530


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to all,
Need help with studying for histo exam next July. If anyone have any
pointers please feel free to point.

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